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5 years old

Gibbon agile

Fully sponsored

Sponsored by Annie Mikalewitch, Anne Michele Goffin

Aldo is a male gibbon of Hyolabates Agilis albibarbis, one of gibbons species who live in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The estimation of his birth year : 2016.

As the owner told us, a young man, Aldo was found on the ground in a plantation palm in Pundu, a small village in central Kalimantan.

Aldo was docile with the owner and his family. When we came to take Aldo. The owner cried and so Aldo.

When the owner call us to take Aldo, the young man have learned that to love wild animal is to let them live free in their nature.

Notes :

Pararawen Conservation Center and Sanctuaire, Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan.

June 2021

Aldo is now with another female gibbon name Sinta.

He intimidated his old partner Eva.

January 2021

Aldo is now with a female gibbon name Eva.

They are fine.