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TV news 20h of TF1

August 8 2023

An endangered primate on the third largest island in the world, shared in Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. For 25 years Chanee, a Frenchman protects gibbons. With his team, he hunts poachers, the first threat to gibbons.

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Europe 1 : Europe soir week-end

July 30 2023

Arthur Meuriot receives Chanee to talk about the preservation of Gibbons and deforestation in Indonesia.

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Femme Actuelle Animaux

May-June 2023

Passionate about monkeys since childhood, this self-taught has been fighting for more than 25 years to protect the wildlife of the forests of Indonesia.

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Paris Match

December 8 2022

On all continents, men and women are fighting for the environment. This week, Match met in Indonesia a Frenchman who defends the rainforest to save the natural habitat of monkeys.

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Var Matin

October 28 2022

Unequalled. The fauna and flora of Dulan, Indonesia, are sanctuarized thanks to Aurélien Brulé dit Chanee. A protection mission multiplied by the delivery of a seaplane manufactured in Gap.

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RTS : Prise de terre

April 2022

Podcast in 2 parts: “La voie des Gibbons”



Figaro Magazine

April 15 2022

At a time when ecology too often comes down to a series of apocalyptic anathemas, this actor on the ground who has been fighting against deforestation in Indonesia for 25 years, is against the tide of this trend. Supporting evidence and results..

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RTS : Forum – Le grand débat

March 21 2022

Presented by Esther Coquoz and Mehmet Gultas.



Aujourd’hui en France

November 3 2018

Chanee dedicates his life to gibbons in Indonesia. While his association celebrates its 20th anniversary, it denounces the ravages of palm plantations on the habitat of these primates.

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November 21 2016

For more than 20 years, Chanee, a French environmental activist, has been fighting to save gibbon monkeys from deforestation due to the massive cultivation of oil palms in Indonesia.

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France Inter : L’instant M

January 4 2016

Sonia Devillers receives Chanee for the documentary “Le Messager” with Véronique Jannot, broadcast Wednesday, January 6 on France 3.

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Le Monde

December 16 & 17 2012

Kalaweit collects primates threatened by deforestation and oil palm plantations.

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Terre Sauvage

September 2005

Many species of gibbons are disappearing. Living in Indonesia since 2000, a young Frenchman, Aurélien Brulé, with the help of villagers, created health centers to save them. Beautiful story of a passion for wildlife.

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