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9 years old

Gibbon de Muller (Hylobates muelleri muelleri)

Fully sponsored

Sponsored by Cynthia Gola Bazzi, Danielle Liron

June 2022

Apin is fine.
She is always with her partner Bhayangkara.

September, 3 2020

Apin is now together again with Bhayangkara.
She is recovered.

Juin, 25 2020

Apin is currently separated from her companion Bhayangkara. She was badly bitten by fire ants.
Apin is then brought and treated at the clinic.

Avril 2018

Apin is fine. She is always with Bhayangkara. But Bhayangkara is still afraid pf Apin.

December 2017

Apin is now with another male gibbon name Bhayangkara. They are just fine.

October 2017

Apin is now with a male gibbon name Alvin.

July 2017

Apin is doing well.


Apin is a femalle gibbon of species Hylobates muelleri muelleri, a gibbon specy that lives in south east Kalimantan, approximately south of the Mahakam river and west of the Barito river.
Year of birth (estimation) : 2013.
History :
Apin was rescued on march, 1 2017, in Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan.
She was kept by people as a pet for years. Apin lived in a small cage.
Now at Kalaweit, Apin has a chance to be released in the forest one day. But before the she must spend some years of rehabilitation in our center.
Notes :
Pararawen Conservation Center and Santuary, Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan.