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10 years old

Gibbon de Muller

Fully sponsored

Sponsored by Sylvie Caffier, Louis Harang, Isabelle Romeo

Aliando is a female gibbon Hylobates Muelleri muelleri. One  gibbon specy who lives in Borneo, Indonesia.

Year of birth (estimation) : 2011

Aliando was rescued in August, 6th 2015 at Muara Teweh, Borneo Centre, by the Forest Departement.

Notes :

Pararawen Conservation Centre and Sanctuary, Muara Teweh, Borneo.

July 2021

Aliando is fine. She is aalways with her family.

March, 17 2018

Aliando gave birth to a baby gibbon. We called her baby Noela.

February 2018

Aliando and her partner Inea are doing well. They are active and eat well the fruits.

January 2016

Aliando and her new friend Inea are doing well. They are actives and eat well the fruits.

Her relationship with Gibby was not good. So we had to separate Aliando and Gibby to avoid some intimidation. And we put her with another male gibbon more quiet. 

December 2015

Aliando is now with Gibby. For the moment they are just fine.