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21 years old

Gibbon agile (Hylobates agilis ungko)

Fully sponsored

Sponsored by Florence Solinski, Stéphanie Pallez

January 2023

Amang is doing well.

He is active and eat well his fruits.

In the morning, Amang like to sing with otjers gibbons in the center.

June 2021

Amang is fine.

He is active in swinging, singing and looking for insects in the cage.

Amang eats fruit as well.

When the team comes to give the fruit, Amang will sits and look at the team on an extended branch at the top of the cage.

Amang comes down and approaches the manger when the team moves away from the cage.

But in order to take and eat the fruit on the feeder Amang looks at the surroundings first. He has this habit since the presence of a wild gibbon who likes to come to take the fruits.

January 2014

Amang's fine. He's active in swinging.

After balancing, Amang likes to sit and lie down on an extended branch. There he spends time looking for lice.

Amang eats well the fruits and food aditional as chicken, hard-boiled egg and milk. Amang likes to eat bananas first.

September 2013

Amang's fine.

He's active in swinging.

Amang eats his food as well. He takes and eats the bananas first. After it takes and eats other fruits like papaya, watermelon, pineapple, mandarin, cucumber, carrot and bean.

Amang likes to eat on an extended branch at the top of the cage.

April 2013

Amang is now at our new refuge in Supayang, Solok, west of Padang.

Amang's fine. It is active and eats well its fruits.

October 2012

Amang's fine.

Amang was active in swinging and singing at the top of the cage. Amang only comes down when he wants to take the food.

Amang also likes to bring and eat his fruit at the top of the cage.

Amang ate his food well.

February 2012

Amang's fine.

Amang is active in swinging and singing at the top of the cage.

Amang sings as loud as other gibbons and siamangs. He likes to sing standing on a tree branch.

July 2010

Amang goes well on the island Marak, Padang, west of Sumatera.


Amang is a male gibbon (Hylobates agilis Ungko) from the island Sumatera, Indonesia.

The estimate of the Year of birth: 2003.

Amang was recovered a Sumatera on 09 January 2003.

Amang has thick and black fur, well supplied in sunlight. Amang is very acrobatic and he sings hard too.

Notes :

Supayang Conservation Centre and Sanctuary, Solok, west of Sumatera.