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20 years old

Gibbon agile (Hylobates agilis ungko)

Left to sponsor: 280

No sponsor.

January 2023

Akan is doing well.

He is always with his partner Emon.

In the morning, Akan like to sing with Emon.

January 2021

Akan is just fine,
He is now with a female gibbon name Emon.

January 2017

Akan is fine.
He is active in swinging, singing and looking for insects in the cage. Akan spends a lot of time looking for insects. It goes in every corner of the cage in the hope of finding insects.
When the team comes to give the fruit, Akan remains motionless. He's looking at the team.
Akan moves and takes the fruit when the team moves away from the cage.
Akan eats the fruit well.

June 2014

June, 21 2014
A sad day for Akan, his partner Abun was died.
June, 20 2014
Abun was sick. Veterinary team try to give her medical treatment

September 2013

Akan and Abun are doing well.
They are actives and eat well the fruits.
Like many others siamangs and gibbons, Akan and Abun like to eat the bananas first.
Akan likes to eat on the top of cage. Abun eats at the bottom of cage near the feeder.

March 2012

Akan and Abun are fine.
Akan is more active than Abun. He swings and sings a lot at the top of cage.
Abun like to search insects on the branchs.

January 2011

Akan and Abun are now in a big cage.

January 2010

Akan and Abun are fine in our refuge at Marak island, Padang, West Sumatra.


Akan is a male sumatra gibbon of Hylobates agilis ungko, one of gibbons species who live in Sumatera, Indonesia.
Estimation of his birth : 2004.
Akan was confiscated by PPS ( Pusat Penyelamatan Satwa ) in Java.
Akan has arrived in Kalaweit Programme on January 2008.
His blood test : Akan is clean.
Notes :
Supayang Conservation Center and Sanctuary, Solok, Wst Sumatera, Indonesia.