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20 years old

Gibbon agile

Fully sponsored

Sponsored by Claire Elouard

Abel is a male borneo gibbon, Indonesia.

Year of birth (estimation) : 2001

Abel arrived at Kalaweit Programme in February, 4th 2006.

His blood Test : Abel is infected by typhoide and dengue.

His journal :

Pararawen Conservation Center and Sanctuary, Muara Teweh, Borneo.

Juillet 2021

Abel is fine. He is active and eat well the fruits.

January 2016

Abel is now alone again. His relationship with Betty wasn't good. They were intimidated by each other.

November 2015

Abel is now with a female gibbon named Betty. They are just fine.

Abel is doing well. He is still alone.

Abel doesn't like when we are close to the cage. He jumps to the the wire and try to catch us.

May, 04 2013

We were forced to separate Abel and Jacko because Abel was agressive with Jacko. He attacks and bites Jacko.

We give some treatment for Jacko in the clinic

May, 01 2013

Abel and Jacko are now in a cage.

Mars 2012

Abel is fine. Abel is always agressive with humans. When we are close to the cage, Abel jumps and try to catch us.

February 2010

Abel was transfered to our new refuge at camp Pararawen in Muara Teweh.

February 2006

Abel is in a quarantaine cage at our rescue center in Hampapak island, Palangkaraya, Borneo.

Abel is now alone again. His relationship with Betti are not good. They are intimidated.