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Thanks to your donations, these residents are living their second chance

Here are the gibbons who already have one (or more!) sponsor, covering all of their costs. It is therefore no longer possible to sponsor them.




6 years old

Gibbon de Muller (Hylobates muelleri muelleri)

Fully sponsored

Sponsored by Denise et/ou Bruno Montanari, Marie Laurence Goletto

January 2023

Aira isdoing well.

She is always with her partner Sherly.

September 2022

Aira is doing well.

She is now with a male gibbon name Sherly.


Aira is a female gibbon of Hylobates Muelleri, one of gibbons species who can be found in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The estimation of her birth year : 2018.

Aira was saved in June, 24 2021.

Like many others wild animal, Aira has lived as a pet wih human. She has lost her family and forest.

Now with Kalaweit, Aira live with others gibbons with less stress. She have a chance to be release in the forest again.

But for this, she must pass some years of rehabilitation in our center.

\We need your support and help to save Aira and her forest.