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Carrying out our activities is a daily challenge.

We must take care of the welfare and health of the animals, build new aviaries and repair damaged ones…

It is necessary to transport the animal’s food, the construction materials for the infrastructures, finance rescues, survey the released animals… There are also the administrative tasks: registers, administrative declarations, accounting, etc.

The purchase of animal feed is done locally and contributes to the local economy but some materials, such as the wire mesh for aviaries, are brought in from the island of Java.

We often have to deal with unforeseen circumstances and must take emergency measures to continue the work and protect the animals during, for example, floods.

We must also finance the salaries of our 75 employees, all Indonesians. We thus provide income to their families; approximately 400 people.

These expenses are inevitable to continue our work, we need your support, thank you!

Some examples of costs:

  • Construction of an aviary for a pair of gibbons: € 3,000
  • Construction of a guard post in a reserve: € 2,500
  • Purchase of a GPS: € 350
  • Monthly salary for a veterinarian: € 300
  • Monthly salary for a trainer: € 160

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