Leaving a Legacy to Support Kalaweit: The Kalaweit Endowment Fund

Making a bequest to the Kalaweit Endowment Fund ensures that your estate will contribute to a cause dear to your heart.

By leaving a legacy to us, you help sustain our long-term efforts and save more animals and forests in Indonesia!

The advantage of leaving a bequest to our Endowment Fund is that it will be exempt from inheritance taxes.

It is crucial to designate the Kalaweit Endowment Fund as the legatee in your will, rather than the Kalaweit association, as the latter would incur a 60% inheritance tax according to the French inheritance tax provisions.

How to make a bequest?

Specify in your will what you wish to bequeath to the Kalaweit Endowment Fund. This legal act gives weight to your intentions and ensures they will be strictly honored after your passing. You can draft your will yourself (in which case it must be handwritten) or seek assistance from a notary. We strongly recommend consulting a notary to avoid any errors in the drafting of your will.

What can I bequeath to the Kalaweit Endowment Fund?

You can bequeath all or part of your estate, including real estate, land, or movable assets such as a sum of money, jewelry, artworks, copyrights, or a bank account.

If you wish to bequeath your entire estate, you must designate the Kalaweit Endowment Fund as the universal legatee.

What are the different forms of bequests?

  • Universal Bequest: It covers the entirety of the estate.
  • Universal Title Bequest: It covers a portion or a certain type of assets (e.g., real estate or a specific part).
  • Specific Bequest: It covers one or more identified assets (artworks, apartment, land, bank account).

Can I transfer life insurance?

Yes, it is an ideal tool for transferring your savings, as it is fiscally advantageous. Its subscription does not require a notary’s intervention. Simply designate the Kalaweit Endowment Fund as the beneficiary in the “beneficiary clause.”

Donation: Taking action during your lifetime.

A donation is transferred during one’s lifetime and must be done in the presence of a notary.

There are various types of donations, such as:

  • full ownership donation,
  • donation with reserved usufruct or bare ownership : In this type of donation, you give away your property while retaining the enjoyment (usufruct) for yourself or a designated person,
  • temporary usufruct donation : this involves retaining bare ownership while transferring usufruct (rents, dividends, interests) for a specified duration. This form of donation allows you to remove a property from your estate for a minimum of 3 years and reduce your taxes.

The Kalaweit Endowment Fund is of public interest.

Bequests, donations, and life insurance contributions to it are exempt from all inheritance taxes.

The Kalaweit Endowment Fund is committed to scrupulously respecting the wishes of its testators, provided they are feasible and not contrary to legal or testamentary provisions.

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The entire Kalaweit team sincerely thanks you for your support and interest in our efforts to protect wildlife and its habitat in Indonesia.

It is through your support that we can help wild animals live securely.

Thank you once again!