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Your donations allow Kalaweit to fight against wildlife trafficking and deforestation in Indonesia.

With your support, we can save more animals and protect more forests.

You can make a one-time donation or a monthly donation.

The monthly donation is the one that helps us the most

it gives you the status of Friend of Kalaweit. Friends are people who make a monthly donation of a minimum of € 5. If Kalaweit gains 3,500 Friends, the association will no longer have to fear for its future!

Your donation may result in the issuance of a tax receipt, depending on the tax provisions of the country concerned.

Support our actions

We must finance the construction of aviaries, enclosures, guard posts, team salaries (66 people), rescue missions, veterinary equipment, vehicle maintenance, etc. These are important expenses which we can only cover with your help.

Protect lands with local communities

We are fighting against deforestation by protecting forests with the collaboration of local populations. By doing so, we are providing a secure habitat for the local wildlife that lives there. You can help us and help save wildlife habitat.

Sponsor a gibbon


Unfortunately, the majority of animals collected cannot be released. The lucky ones will stay in Kalaweit long enough to receive the necessary care and will go back to nature. With your help we can provide them with the best possible living conditions!