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10 years old

Gibbon agile (Hylobates agilis albibarbis)

Left to sponsor: 220

Sponsored by Christine Lefort

June 2021

Angin is fine. She is always with Tolak.

February, 25 2019

Angin is now with a male gibbon name Tolak. For a moment they are just fine.

November 2018

Angina is fine.


Angin is a female gibbon of species Hylobates Agilis albibarbis, one of gibbons species who can be found in Kalimantan, Indonesia.
The estimation of her birth year : 2011
Angin was saved in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan.
Notes :
Pararawen Conservation Center and Santuary, Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan.

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