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13 years old

Siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus)

Left to sponsor: 185

Sponsored by Marina Giretti, Sélène Tassy

June, 24 2021

Amin is fine. He is now with a female gibbon name Kajol.

January 2017

Observation on terrain by: Andre.

Amin's fine.

He is active in swinging, singing, playing and looking for insects in the cage.

Amin likes to play with his paws by biting them. He also plays on the floor of the cage.

After playing, Amin likes to look for insects in every corner of the cage.

Amin eats the fruit well.

When the team comes to give the fruit, Amin swings and hits the fence with his legs.

Amin takes and eats the fruit when the team moves away from the cage.

January 2014

Amin's fine. He is active in swinging, playing and singing with other Siamang and Gibbon.

Amin always likes to play with his paws. He bites his paws and strikes them against his head. Amin also pushes little cries when he plays.

Amin also likes to play with the rest of the fruit. He resumes, rejects and attrapeen jumping or swinging.

Amin eats well the fruits and food aditional as chicken, hard-boiled egg and milk.

September 2013

Amin's fine.

He is active in swinging and eats his food well.

Amin takes and eats the bananas first. After he takes over and eats other fruits like papaya, watermelon, pineapple, mandarin, cucumber, carrot and bean.

Amin likes to eat near the feeder.

April 2013

Amin's fine. He's active in swinging and playing. Amin likes to play by biting his paws.

Amin eats his fruits well.

October 2012

Amin's fine.

Amin is active in swinging and playing on the floor.

Amin likes to roll on the floor. He's playing by biting his paws.

Amin ate his food well.


Amin is a male Siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus) from Sumatera Island, Indonesia.

Estimate of her year of birth: 2008.


Supayang Conservation Centre and Sanctuary, Solok, west of Sumatera.

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